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for games

For the playful boys and creative girls fond of fixing the zipper lock on the father's jacket and decorating mom's pancakes with a pinch of alluring yellow curry...

At Mouette Kids your children are given a unique opportunity to combine the active games with the creative activities.

Just because our spot is a playground for agile kids looking for creating and doing crazy things!

You can choose
an activity which your child
is looking for!

We have bouquets, sweets, toys, painting on the clothes, making the figures from the balloons, wooden toys and many-many more other things that we, the adults, can even hardly imagine!

Undoubtedly, our skillful animators-teachers will easily find a common language with your children.

And after the workshops you will a get an amazingly nice surprise - the gift made by your kid's own hands. You can take it away or enjoy the meal you kid made right at Mouette Cafe.

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