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Flower shop

We are glad to offer the whole universe of flowers! Yes‑yes, you've got it right, we do have fresh flowers.

There is a whole flower shop at Mouette's. Be sure, you will find there a great selection of the floral beauty at any time. The bouquet for an anniversary, for a friend's birthday, the children's bouquets - we carefully collected all of them with all our love in one place.

A bouquet of flowers is not only an important addition for your present, but also is the way to express your feelings towards a person and underline your attitude to him or her.

Our fairies will make the exclusive bouquets for you and pack them into the hat boxes, gift bags or even into the coffee cups.

Flowers for
every occasion

We are delighted to offer you the diverse choice of flowers of the best quality: from the wildfowers to the exotic ones.

The classic bouquets in the craft packaging, passionate and tender, brutal and sophisticated.

We will make any of your dreams true.

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  • Stylish bouquet of the fresh Dutch tulips in the original packaging.
  • French chic - a bouquet of magnificent and fragrant peonies.
  • An elegant and romantic bouquet of roses.
  • Charming Mini-bouquet (compliment) Mouette.
  • Aery bunch - a gentle, airy cloud of gypsophila.
  • Micro-bouquet in a cup - compliment with the coffee for delivery.
  • A graceful bride's bouquet from your dreams