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Mouette Balloons first screen backgroung photo
Mouette Balloons second screen illustration

Air decor
by Mouette

— it's a huge number of balloons for every taste, quick selection of options and order approval, prompt delivery and affordable prices.

The stylish photo areas have already become an essential attribute of any event. And we have such!

The unique color solutions, a big number of balloons of any volumes, the additional decorative elements (easel, pedestals, arches, floral decorations, neon inscriptions and a huge selection of toys) - be it a garland of transparent balloons or a sophisticated arch decorated with micro-balloons in the transparent boxes or inflatable full-length superheroes, your photos with all of these decorations will save all the emotions for a long-long time.

Balloons for
every occasion

— for the welcome party, gender party, bachelorette parties, for birthdays and themed parties...

As well as that our team can arrange an event for a big number of your special occasions and memorable anniversaries. For sure, accompanied with our sets of balloons such events will stay in your memory for a long-long time. We have the armfuls of pink hearts in the super boxes for the Valentine's Day, the Christmas decoration balls and candies, tin soldiers and gingerbread men for Christmas, and many other ideas to decorate your special event.

Mouette Balloons balloons will turn your event into a special, unforgettable party that will leave wonderful memories!

Mouette Balloons third screen photo

More about balloons

  • You can order the balloons for the welcome party - the bubbles with feathers, the tender clouds and the stars or the cutest muzzles of animals - these are the sophisticated and stylish solutions for meeting your baby for the first time. You can order a composition with a bodysuit and an individual inscription of the baby's name or your wishes for him or her.
  • For your gender party we can offer you a huge surprise balloon painted in the shade of the baby's gender and containing the confetti inside or the box with the balloons flying out of it, or the photo area individually designed for your event. Feel free to choose whatever you like - we will create the whole atmosphere for you.
  • For your bachelorette parties our manager will be glad to offer you a wide range of balloons: from the snow-white fountains of balloons and cascading bubbles up to the selected compositions with «wedding ring» and «bottle of champagne». For sure, we will make such an event more memorable for the bride and her bridesmaids.
  • Once we're considering birthdays and themed parties - the space for your imagination and our ideas is unlimited here! We have the superheroes and cartoon characters, the sets with unicorns and inflatable caramels, the foil numbers and letters, the ceiling balloons, the boxes with secrets - our congratulations will not leave any birthday person emotionless.

Kinds of balloons

  • Balloons in the form of letters
  • Balloons in the form of numbers
  • Foil balloons
  • Curly balloons
  • Non-transparent latex dense balloons
  • Translucent latex thin balloons
  • Transparent latex balloons with confetti
  • Glowing balloons