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Mouette Cafe first screen backgroung photo
Seagull on balloons

The spot Mouette
is named because of
the french gull

The seagull became an idea of pleasant, comfortable, elegant space for you and your children.

A spot for laid-back chilling for contemporary parents.

The area mentally coinciding with the child's world.

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Mouette Cafe - third screen backgroung photo
  • Welcome to Mouette Craft Studio with your children!

    This is the perfect spot with the captivating craft studio for the children. While the children are playing, their parents can meet their friends, have some delicious food in our coffeeshop and purchase the exclusive gifts.

    We will make an event from your dreams true and offer you the most recent Workshops both for the parents and their children. Graduation parties, birthdays, themed parties with handmade gifts.

    We have the area for composing the flower bouquets, preparing the author's lemonades and exclusive balloons - in other words, everything to make your event unforgettable.

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  • At Mouette all the members of your family will improve their digital health and spend some time without gadgets

    The children will escape from the virtual world and recall what the childhood is and how wonderful it is to spend time dreaming and playing with each other!

    After all, in the game our children develop much safer and better.

    Seasonal and author's workshops are held daily in the Mouette Workshop. We have a unique program of more than 20 offers that are not similar to anything like that, because we use only natural and environmentally friendly materials for our events.

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  • You are also welcome to check Mouette Kiosque with balloons with gifts

    For sure, after visiting Mouette, you will take a bunch of breathtaking memories with you. And your child will definitely appreciate a balloon or a toy, which he would be able to take away.

    You want to turn your event into a special, unforgettable party that will leave wonderful memories?

    You wish to create a magical, bright atmosphere and a cheerful mood, don't you?

    Kiosque Mouette is glad to offer you the balloons for any event as the additional element to the bouquets or just as the separate gift.

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  • Come and check our Flower Shop

    Our florist personally responsible for your bouquet, is at your service.

    The classic bouquets in craft packaging, passionate and tender, brutal and sophisticated.

    Undoubtedly, we will turn any of your ideas into reality.

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Don't hesitate, come to us for a good mood!